Board Members

The US Men’s Sheds Association is led by six National Directors.

Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson, a Managing Director of the USMSA, focuses on
marketing and IT efforts for growing US Men’s Sheds across the country.
Phil was formerly a Jet Pilot in the Marine Corps and holds a master’s
degree in Software Engineering. He has worked extensively in aerospace
technology and software development and is a certified Project
Management Professional. Phil has 40 years of experience in forming and
growing non-profit organizations in education, sports, human rights,
youth programs and senior wellness. He was recently recognized by
AARP with the “50 over 50” Award for his efforts in organizing the US
Men’s Sheds Association.

Steve Werner

Matt Stewart

Glenn Sears

Janice McDowell

Mark Winston

Mark Winston, a Managing Director of the USMSA, has worked in the Men’s Shed movement for over four years and helped start the second Men’s Shed in Canada. He holds a university degree in education. Mark is an entrepreneur and a consultant in starting new businesses and raising venture capital. He is responsible for Men’s Shed’s outreach to senior’s wellness and mental health organizations. Mark’s motto is, Helping others is the best thing you can do for yourself. He attends many national and international conferences on how to break the cycle of social isolation and loneliness to promote the Men’s Shed movement.