The Trump Presidency and Online Gambling

Donald betflik 789 Trump’s presidential campaign was seen as a bad joke , where no one expected to make it past the first week. His vulgar appearance and controversial positions on political issues assured the citizens that Donald Trump would not succeed in having a presidential term in a million years. The claim that the first thing as president is to order a great wall, separating Mexico from the United States , killed any possibility of that happening. And yet, somehow, Donald Trump is the president of the USA and it seems that he is carrying out his mandate to the end.

New decisions

The USA has a very long history in the gambling industry , where the laws are in controversy and the next natural question was: What will happen to this industry during the Trump administration.

Where did this concept come from?

The Republican Party is known for its opposition to this industry and the party platform on the GOP website under the heading “Renewing American Values” made its position quite clear. They are campaigning for the internet to be family-friendly, and online gambling doesn’t serve their cause.

Another factor that influenced this thinking is the position of Mike Pence. He, along with the governor of Indiana, voted to restrict internet gambling in the past. The 3rd thing to think about is the position of Sheldon Anderson, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, an ardent Republican. He has clearly expressed this desire and supports the law to ban online gambling, moreover, he feeds the party’s fund with millions of dollars. Following the announcement, Rich Muny, the PokerPlayer Alliance’s vice president of player relations, said the party had dropped its support for a ban on online gambling.from his platform on the GOP website. Whether or not Trump influenced this remains unknown.

Changes in gambling lawsPresident Trump’s association with casinos is a long one . It holds a License, dated March 15, 1982, its first casino license from the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. Following this license, the materialization of the Trump plan began, he opened the Trump Plaza hotel and casino, the Marina Marina, the Trump Taj Mahal and the Trump World Fair . He is also the founder of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts , later renamed Trump Entertainment Resorts. While the president-elect’s last name is often associated with cruelty, the reality tells us another, slightly different story.

His casino company filed for bankruptcy protection in 1991, 2004, 2009 and 2014, but Trump is not involved . He sued the Company, so that his name would no longer appear in two resorts, claiming that quality standards were not maintained. Even if he is no longer directly involved in this industry, his track record raises hopes for those involved. In addition, he took a positive stance during his speeches about online gambling, where he said that legalizing it was logical , as the US was one of the few countries that did not have it.

From all the evidence, it can hardly be said that he has a firm stance against gambling and that he intends to bring about changes during his tenure. Knowing that Trump clearly has an interest in online gambling , he is unlikely to take a strong stand against it. There was a lot of unfounded speculation and a lot of poorly directed ideas on Facebook, not one of the most reliable news sources.

There are always, no matter the situation, those people who first adopt the dramatic side, for no reason at all, and declare that tomorrow is the end of the world. In such situations, it is best to turn a blind eye and pass over that information as if it did not exist. They certainly didn’t expect Trump to be the president of the United States either, but knowing very well what the political game is these days and how people are elected, most will try to take advantage of his scandalous personality as much as possible. much is possible.

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